CADS Xmas Panto 2021: Culhwch and Olwen
    By Alys Williams

    20:00, Sun 28th November 2021 - Mon 29th November 2021 at Christ's Yusuf Hamied Theatre
    Michaelmas Week 8

    Culhwch and Olwen by Christ’s student Alys Williams is an updated pantomime adaptation of a medieval Welsh text of the same name. Culhwch, a Welsh prince, is cursed to only love one woman: Olwen, top student of Ysbaddaden, Chief Giant and Doctor of the Hunt. Ysbaddaden does not want his topper of tripos to date Culhwch and sets the prince impossible tasks to prevent it. However, with the help of King Arthur and his Knight Club, Culhwch quests across Cambria-Ridge, the best university in all of Medieval Wales, and beyond, where we meet a host of pantomime characters including muddling knights, lovesick queens, and the true bane of any student's life: academic rigour.

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    Cei, Crow -
    Nobby, Mabon, Diwrnach -
    Gwrhyr, Odgar, Owl -
    Culhwch -
    Stepmother, Glewlyd, Dillus, Salmon -
    Ysbaddaden, Wrnach -
    Cilydd, Custenin, Twrch Trwyth -
    Narrator -

    Production Team

    Producer -
    Director -
    Light and Sound - ,
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