An Open Book

    19:00, Tue 17th – Sat 21st May 2022 at Corpus Playroom
    Easter Week 3

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    An Open Book is a Wildean farce set in modern-day Cambridge.

    Professor Ernest Gray stands for academic rigour, discipline, and truth. He avoids frays on Twitter. His moral backbone is widely considered to be as inflexible as a Scudamores punting pole. Yet when a St John’s librarian - half-mad with dreams of power, conquest, and chapel-to-library conversion schemes - uncovers scandalous relics from his wild youth as a Master’s student, Ernest is forced into quandary. Does he bend to blackmail to save his reputation and his (almost-existent) love life? Or does he dare to be an open book?


    Ernest Gray
    The Librarian
    Sir Gideon Emsworth OBE
    Athena Emsworth-Drake
    Sam Pickerel

    Production Team

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    Lighting Designer
    Stage Manager
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