Frederick Upton


Frederick Upton is currently involved with

Footlights Smoker 22-23 – Cast (9/5/23)

23:00, Tue 18th October 2022 at ADC Theatre


Frederick Upton is preparing for

  • Storytelling at the ADC – Ogma, The Minstrel

    20:00, Thu 22nd – Fri 23rd June 2023 at ADC Theatre (Larkum Studio)

    Once upon a time...

    Join us for an evening of storytelling in the relaxed setting of our Blanket Fort as we adventure into the depths of human imagination!

  • Footlights Stand-Up Showcase 2023 – Assistant Director

    19:30, Wed 12th July 2023 at OSO Arts Centre

    After a three-year hiatus, the Footlights Standup Showcase is back! Taken to London for the first time, this year's graduating cohort of standup comics and a guest compère take the stage at the OSO Arts…


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