Festival of New Writing
    By Downing Dramatic Society

    19:00, Thu 9th – Sat 11th March 2023 at Howard Theatre, Downing College
    Lent Week 7

    The annual Festival of New Writing, established in 2014 and now a central and highly prestigious feature of the Cambridge drama scene, returns in Lent Week 8 2023 to showcase the best of the writing talent the student-body has to offer.

    Students of all disciplines and from every Cambridge college submit one-act plays to be read and assessed over the Christmas holiday and from the wealth of admissions, select few are chosen to be performed over the three nights of the Festival. At the end of each evening, the playwrights are invited to join a panel of top theatre practitioners to discuss their work-in-progress and take questions from the audience. Everyone plays a part.

    The Festival brings both dramatic spectacle and a unique learning experience to the Howard stage and DDS is proud of the fact that many FoNW alumni have gone on to forge successful careers in the Performing Arts as actors, writers and directors.


    She (Dirt Roads)
    Kristen (The Gift)
    Becks (The Gift)
    Robbie (The Odd Love Support Club)
    Sandra (The Odd Love Support Club)
    Abby (The Odd Love Support Club)
    Cormac (The Odd Love Support Club)
    Jolie (The Odd Love Support Club)
    Meaning Counsellor (Sitting Down With Sisyphus)
    Sisyphus (Sitting Down With Sisyphus)
    Narrator (One and a Part)
    Mother (One and a Part)
    Gloria (Burnout)
    Trevor (Burnout)
    Edith (Burnout)
    Sam (My Lunch With Ronald)
    Charlie (My Lunch With Ronald)
    The Devil (The Devil and the Artisan)
    John the Smith (The Devil and the Artisan)
    Samuel Beckett (Then We Fall)
    Sylvia Beach (Then We Fall)
    Ernest Hemingway (Then We Fall)
    James Joyce

    Production Team