Arianna Muñoz


Arianna Muñoz is preparing for

  • The Bacchae – Director

    19:00, Fri 16th – Sat 17th June 2023 at Jesus College (Frankopan Hall)

    I’ve always been careful with gods. I praise them. Sing hymns to them. Pay them full attention. Because if you don’t…well, it doesn’t bear thinking about.

    A charismatic preacher arrives in the city of…

  • As You Like It – Publicity Designer

    14:00, Wed 21st – Fri 23rd June 2023 at Clare College Scholars' Garden

    Clare May Week Play

    Scholar’s Garden, 21st-23rd June

    “A fool, a fool, I met a fool in the forest!”

    One of Shakespeare’s most beloved comedies, set in the fantastical Forest of Arden, is coming to Clare…

  • Love’s Labour’s Lost – Director

    19:30, Wed 21st – Thu 22nd June 2023 at Robinson College Gardens (Maria Bjornson Theatre)

    ‘Our wooing doth not end like an old play;
    Jack hath not Jill: these ladies' courtesy
    Might well have made our sport a comedy.’

    King Ferdinand and his friends - Dumaine, Longaville, and Berowne - have…

  • Storytelling at the ADC – Publicity Designer

    20:00, Thu 22nd – Fri 23rd June 2023 at ADC Theatre (Larkum Studio)

    Once upon a time...

    Join us for an evening of storytelling in the relaxed setting of our Blanket Fort as we adventure into the depths of human imagination!

  • Gaslight @ Camden Fringe – Director

    15:30, Thu 17th – Sun 20th August 2023 at The Etcetera Theatre

    What would happen if we lived in a world where life-threatening physical wounds were treated as dismissible?

    'Gaslight' is a play by Shaira Berg that delves into the devastating psychological impact…


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