The Herb Garden (workshop performance)
    By Felix Elliott

    20:00, Mon 13th February 2023 at ADC Theatre (Bar)
    Lent Week 4

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    abuse (physical/mental/verbal/sexual)
    self-harm and/or other intentional self-injury
    mental illness
    any kind of discrimination and/or bigotry
    drugs/alcohol/substance abuse

    we choose who we invite / through the front door of our life

    Sky, a precocious but quiet teenager, gets caught smoking a zoot and is sentenced to live with their teacher, Miss Court. Between Miss Court's caution to maintain boundaries and Sky's disinterest in interacting at all, neither of them is expecting the other to be anything except a housemate. But a badly-timed Covid-19 infection forces the two to spend a fortnight with no social options except one another.
    What emerges from the ashes of this explosion of misfortune could either be a beautiful gift, or a disaster...
    An original musical about friendship, trust, identity and weed.

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