Irisa Kwok


Irisa Kwok is preparing for

  • As You Like It – Orlando

    14:00, Wed 21st – Fri 23rd June 2023 at Clare College Scholars' Garden

    Clare May Week Play

    Scholar’s Garden, 21st-23rd June

    “A fool, a fool, I met a fool in the forest!”

    One of Shakespeare’s most beloved comedies, set in the fantastical Forest of Arden, is coming to Clare…

  • ELECTRA/HAIMARA @ Edinburgh Fringe – Writer

    12:45, Fri 4th – Sat 12th August 2023 at Willow Studio, Riddle's Court @ Greenside

    "By dread things I am compelled. I know it. I feel it. I sense the trap closing and I see what I am."

    Seven years after the Trojan War and the bloody coup for the throne that led to Agamemnon's assassin…


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