Testament of Youth (rehearsed reading)
    By Irisa Kwok (adapted from the autobiography of Vera Brittain of the same name)

    20:00, Thu 19th October 2023 at ADC Theatre (Larkum Studio)
    Michaelmas Week 2

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    internalised homophobia, grief, war

    In the depths of an air raid, famous pacifist and writer Vera Brittain encounters the ghost of her brother Edward as she struggles to reconcile herself to his premature death 30 years before. Through the course of the night, Vera and Edward relive their school days, recounting the thrill of first love, their ambitions for education, and the ugly awakening of their entire generation to the reality of war. As the siblings tiptoe closer and closer to the reason they were brought together under the sirens of yet another war, they grapple with the question - if the people they mourned in war were people they didn't really know at all, if the living were silenced and the dead held the key, how could they ever hope to free themselves from its iron grip?

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    Edward Brittain
    Vera Brittain
    Roland Leighton
    Victor Richardson
    Geoffrey Thurlow
    Hanneli Strydom/Marie Connor-Leighton
    Winifred Holtby/Officer/Fish
    George Catlin/The Soldier
    Maurice Hudson/Orderly
    Mr. Thomas Brittain/Lance Corporal Valentine
    Mrs Brittain/Nurse
    Voice of War


    Violinist –
    Pianist –

    Production Team

    Writer/Director –
    Assistant Director
    Welfare Representative –
    Sound Designer
    Headshot Photographer –
    Lighting Designer