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VEGAS – Script Editor

19:00, Tue 11th – Sat 15th June 2024 at Corpus Playroom


They’re married. They just don’t know it yet. But this isn’t Vegas. It’s Slough…

Awoken by her birth control alarm in a messy hotel room, Poppy finds herself naked next to her ex who isn't really her ex, Freddie. The two struggle to piece together the events of the night before, gradually remembering the details until they reach the horrifying revelation that they are married. Sounds pretty rock-n-roll, right? But this isn't Vegas, this is a BnB in Slough. Stuck together in the honeymoon suite, Poppy and Freddie are forced to confront what went wrong between them and reconcile the differences that once forced them apart and, crucially, decide whether or not to get an annulment. Poppy and Freddie have an hour until they need to check out. What happens when a Scouser and a Kentish Maid wake up married? You'll have to wait and see...



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  • Uncle Vanya – Telegin

    19:45, Tue 15th – Sat 19th October 2024 at ADC Theatre

    Uncle Vanya looks after the estate of his brother-in-law, a frustrated professor who has recently remarried. Vanya manages the books, he has essentially raised his niece and, above all, he is grumpy.…

  • The Golden God: A Short Film – Gameshow Judge, Set-Dresser

    19:00, Thu 31st October 2024 Venue to be confirmed

  • The Crucible – John Proctor

    19:30, Tue 12th – Sat 16th November 2024 at ADC Theatre

    “We are only what we always were but naked now.”

    A dramatized and partially fictionalised story of the Salem witch trials in Massachusetts in the seventeenth century. John Proctor, a farmer, and his…


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