The Crucible
    By Arthur Miller

    19:30, Tue 12th – Sat 16th November 2024 at ADC Theatre
    14:30, Sat 16th November 2024 at ADC Theatre
    Michaelmas Week 5

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    death and/or dying; pregnancy; discrimination and/or biogotry

    “We are only what we always were but naked now.”

    A dramatized and partially fictionalised story of the Salem witch trials in Massachusetts in the seventeenth century. John Proctor, a farmer, and his wife Elizabeth are a troubled couple, haunted by Proctor's past affair with Abigail Williams, who still harbours feelings for him. Reverend Hale is called upon to investigate the claims of witchcraft. Proctor struggles with his guilt over his affair and his desire to protect his wife and the truth.

    In a town crying witchcraft, Proctor must make a choice between integrity and self-preservation.

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    John Proctor
    Abigail Williams
    Elizabeth Proctor
    Mary Warren
    Betty Parris
    Mercy Lewis
    Susanna Walcott
    Reverend Hale
    Judge Danforth
    Judge Hathorne
    Thomas Putnam
    Ann Putnam
    Rebecca Nurse
    Francis Nurse
    Ezekiel Cheever
    Marshal Herrick
    Giles Corey

    Production Team

    Assistant Director ,