Stan Hunt

any pronouns

soundie/lampie/music producer/fire hazard

CUADC Technician's Rep 2023-4


Stan Hunt is preparing for

  • Electra : Haimara – Sound Designer

    23:00, Wed 3rd – Sat 6th May 2023 at ADC Theatre

    "By dread things I am compelled. I know it. I feel it. I sense the trap closing and I see what I am."

    Seven years after the Trojan War and the bloody coup for the throne that led to Agamemnon's assassin…

  • Storytelling at the ADC – Director

    20:00, Thu 22nd – Fri 23rd June 2023 at ADC Theatre (Larkum Studio)

    Once upon a time...

    Join us for an evening of storytelling in the relaxed setting of our Blanket Fort as we adventure into the depths of human imagination!

  • Pasiphae: Mother of the Minotaur – Composer

    19:00, Wed 9th – Sun 13th August 2023 at Etcetera Theatre, Camden, London

    The love of a cruel bull, a queen’s illicit affair, and her hybrid son, the Minotaur, a monument to her cursed lust. A bold, feminist imagining of Euripides’ lost play ‘The Cretans’, it’s time for Pasip…

  • CAST 2023: Romeo and Juliet – Sound Designer

    19:45, Fri 1st September – Sat 7th October 2023 Venue to be confirmed

    The Cambridge American Stage Tour (CAST), established under the patronage of Dame Judi Dench in 1998, is one of the major international theatre tours of the University of Cambridge. It aims to bring…


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