Carrie: The Musical
By Michael Gore, Dean Pitchford, Lawrence D. Cohen, based on the novel by Stephen King

19:45, Tue 7th – Sat 11th May 2024 at ADC Theatre
Easter Week 2

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Bullying/harassment, blood, death, extensive violence, abuse (physical, emotional), fire, implied ableism, implied mental illness, references to sexual assault, references to disordered eating, references to animal cruelty
'Doesn't anybody ever get it right?! Doesn't anybody think that I hear?!'

The cult-hit, rock musical based on Stephen King's bestselling horror novel. Carrie White is a freak, at least in the eyes of her classmates. There's just something about her, something that attracts their hate. She’s shy, awkward, desperately lonely, and controlled completely by her tyrannical, religious fundamentalist mother at home, while at school she is tormented by almost everyone she comes across. But something has changed. She feels different. She feels powerful. She can move things without touching them. She could hurt people, if she wanted to. When she is invited to the prom, the hatred and rejection of her peers still festering, their pity somehow even more hurtful, was there ever any hope of her keeping this power under control?

This iconic horror story is at once a supernatural thrill-fest, and a tragic, thoughtful, biting, meditation on the question: just how cruel can normal people be, in order to feel like they belong?

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Carrie White
Margaret White
Sue Snell
Tommy Ross
Chris Hargensen
Billy Nolan
Miss Gardner
Mr Stephens/Reverend Bliss
Helen/Dance Captain


Production Team

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Musical Director
Assistant Musical Director
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Sound Designer
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Technical Director
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Set Designer
Blood Engineer –
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Stage Manager
Deputy Stage Manager
Lighting Designer ,
Assistant Lighting Designer
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Head Carpenter
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