Robert Woodland

Soundie / Lampie

CUADC Webmaster 2024/25
Clare Sound Head Tech 2024/25


Robert Woodland is preparing for

  • Epicoene – Deputy Stage Manger

    19:45, Tue 30th April – Sat 4th May 2024 at ADC Theatre

    In Ben Jonson’s Epicoene, a rich man, Morose, sets out to find a wife and, in doing so, disinherits his nephew, Dauphine. This decision triggers Dauphine’s friends, a group of chauvinistic young men…

  • Carrie: The Musical – Sound Engineer

    19:45, Tue 7th – Sat 11th May 2024 at ADC Theatre

    'Doesn't anybody ever get it right?! Doesn't anybody think that I hear?!'

    The cult-hit, rock musical based on Stephen King's bestselling horror novel. Carrie White is a freak, at least in the eyes of…


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