William Harvey Theatrical Society presents...

    Addenbrooke's Charity Pantomime 2024: Les Mismanagement

    19:00, Thu 11th – Sat 13th January 2024 at Mumford Theatre
    13:00, Sat 13th January 2024 at Mumford Theatre
    Christmas Vacation

    After three miserable years of their undergraduate medical degree, Cosette, Eponine and Marius are ready to enter the world of real-life medicine to #savelives.

    But things don’t go quite to plan.

    With yet another strike on its way, scary supervisors, and some unexpected guests on their way to the hospital, will our courageous trio and their new friends be able to keep the NHS afloat? Will professionalism seminars save the day? Will clinical life kill the dream they dreamed? Join us for the 31st Addenbrooke’s Charity Pantomime to find out!

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    Jean Valjean
    Marius "Pontine-Angle"
    Health Secretary
    Prime Minister
    Chat GP
    Cow (FRONT HALF)
    Cow (BACK HALF)
    Eponine's Mum


    Conductor –
    Keys –
    Guitar –
    Bass –
    Drums –
    Flute –
    Clarinet –
    Alto Saxophone –
    Tenor Saxophone –
    Trumpet –
    French Horn –
    Trombone –
    Bass –
    Cello –

    Production Team

    Assistant Director
    Musical Director ,
    Sound Designer
    Choreographer ,
    Lighting Designer
    Stage Manager ,
    Stage Management Advisor –
    Script Editor –
    Script Editor –
    Script Editor –
    Script editor –
    Script Editor –
    Logistics Manager –