ETG 2022: Hamlet
By William Shakespeare

19:30, Fri 2nd December 2022 at Christ's New Court Theatre
19:00, Mon 5th December 2022 at Hiberniaschool, Antwerp (Belgium)
15:30, Tue 6th December 2022 at De Koelisse, Leuven (Belgium)
19:00, Tue 6th December 2022 at De Koelisse, Leuven (Belgium)
15:00, Thu 8th December 2022 at BrechtBauTheater, Tübingen (Germany)
19:00, Thu 8th December 2022 at BrechtBauTheater, Tübingen (Germany)
19:00, Fri 9th December 2022 at University of Konstanz, Konstanz (Germany)
14:40, Tue 13th December 2022 at Gymnasium Lerbermatt, Bern (Switzerland)
19:00, Tue 13th December 2022 at Gymnasium Lerbermatt, Bern (Switzerland)
19:00, Fri 16th December 2022 at The Courtyard Theatre, London (UK)
19:45, Tue 17th – Sat 21st January 2023 at ADC Theatre
14:30, Sat 21st January 2023 at ADC Theatre
Michaelmas Week 8 to Lent Week 0

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Ongoing references to and depictions of mental illness, death of a loved one, grief, references to incest, murder, ongoing references to suicide, verbal and psychical domestic abuse, misogyny, self-harm, violence, war, alcohol, depictions of death.

Hamlet learns of his father's sudden death, whilst watching his mother remarry his uncle within weeks. Devastated by grief, Hamlet must grapple with relationships, family and his own unstable mind, as reality and his fantasies blur. 

Our version of Hamlet invites the audience to delve into the psyche of the unstable Prince; they leave the theatre unable to distinguish the tragic events from the creations of his mind. The production will preserve an antiquity that cannot be pinned down to a particular time or age, drawing our focus to the inner psychology of Hamlet instead of the peripheral setting he finds himself in. We also hope to breathe purpose, dimension, and depth into the character of Hamlet, leaning into his youth and the difficulties that come with this.

The European Theatre Group was set up in 1957 by a group of students including Sir Derek Jacobi and Sir Trevor Nunn, and has toured Europe with a Shakespeare play almost every winter since.

It is an ambitious coach-bound operation; a company of 25 or so tour with professional lighting and sound equipment, costumes and an experimental set, enabling us to put on a show absolutely anywhere.

Over time, ETG has developed a reputation at home and abroad for producing exciting, innovative, experimental and professional interpretations of classic texts, attracting the most ambitious actors, technicians and creative forces from within the university.

Sadly due to COVID, the tour has not happened since 2019, but this year IT IS BACK!


Claudius/ Ghost
Marcellus/ Rosencrantz/ Gravedigger/ Player King
Priest/ Barnardo/ Player Queen/ Fortinbras
Guildenstern/ Player 2/ Reynaldo/ Messenger/ Francisco

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