Anna Piper-Thompson

Will paint your sign. Loves them so much.


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  • Antigone: The Musical FRINGE RUN! – Publicity Designer

    19:00, Mon 15th – Sat 27th August 2022 at theSpace @ Surgeon's Hall

    Ancient Greece. 441BC. Two dead brothers. One king. One girl. One shovel. Following the war in Thebes, both of Antigone’s brothers are dead, and her uncle, Creon, is king. One of the brothers is given…

  • Sol – Publicity designer

    20:00, Thu 27th – Sat 29th October 2022 at ADC Theatre (Larkum Studio)

    Bea is an intrepid traveller who falls in love with the tranquil life of a sleepy, far-off town and the beautiful artist, Sol, who lives on the sun-dappled square. Fulfilling her promise to return, Bea…


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