The Vagina Monologues
    By V (formally known as Eve Ensler)

    20:00, Tue 14th February 2023 at Cellars, Clare College
    Lent Week 4

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    rape, sex, sexual abuse, swearing, genital mutilation, racism, violence, murder, birthing, body image, domestic violence, child abuse.

    The Vagina Monologues is a play by Eve Ensler in the form of a series of monologues and choral pieces, which honours female sexuality in all its complexity, mystery and power, giving voice to female experience, fantasies, fears, angers, and pleasures, and calls for a world where all women are safe, equal, free, and alive in their bodies. It is a play about unifying the body and identity, about claiming language, about community. Based largely on interviews she conducted with 200 women about their views on a range of important topics through the eyes of women of various ages, races, sexualities, and other differences.

    It is a piece of political theatre and is performed around the world on V-Day (14th February) in order to raise money for the grassroots charity chosen that year. Every year, the play is performed on hundreds of university campuses as part of V-Day's College campaign.

    We are also incorporating some new monologues to the play (something which Ensler celebrates), from new student writing.

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    Male Voices: Bob, Doctor etc
    The Little Choochi Snorcher that Could, Hair
    Say It, I asked a Six-Year-Old Girl
    I was there in the Room
    The Flood, The Woman Who Love to Make Vagina's Happy, The Vagina Workshop
    Because He Liked to Look at It, Sheath
    Shall We Dance?
    My Angry Vagina, Cunts Birth More Than Babies
    Reclaiming Cunt, Over It
    My Revolution Begins in the Body, My Vagina Was My Village
    Then We Were Jumping, My Vagina Was My Village

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    Stage Manager
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    Writer (Cunts Birth More Than Babies) –
    Writer (I Dream) –
    Writer (Shall We Dance?) –