Queer Street @ Edinburgh Fringe
    By Kae Deller

    16:20, Fri 4th – Sat 12th August 2023 at theSpace @ Niddry Street
    16:20, Mon 14th – Tue 22nd August 2023 at theSpace @ Niddry Street
    Summer Vacation

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    Brief allusions to abusive relationships, occasional discussion/jokes about BDSM, mental illness, mentions of homophobia and transphobia

    Once upon a time, a load of gays and their cishet best friend walk into a bookshop, looking for love. Except of course no-one can agree, people are hiding things, and anyway love is always unrequited so what’s the point?
    Meet Gee and Zae. Rich and Davie. Kallie and Chad. Three couples – or at least, they should be. But they don’t know that yet…
    Is marriage a patriarchal construct? Should best friends ever date? And what’s so great about queer tragedy anyway? Answers abound in this romcom, featuring eccentric authors, jealous exes, and fabulous, fabulous otters…

    Previously a CUADC-funded Corpus Playroom mainshow, Queer Street is going to the Edinburgh Fringe 2023!


    Tiffany, Smithers, Customers #2 and #3
    Rich, Customer #1 (4th-11th)
    Rich, Customer #1 (12th-22nd)
    Davie (understudy)
    Gee (understudy)

    Production Team

    Assistant Director
    Producer (January-June) –
    Publicity Designer
    Technician –
    Publicity Manager
    Assistant Assistant Producer –
    Assistant Producer ,
    Welfare Officer –