21:30, Mon 7th November 2022 at Corpus Playroom
    Michaelmas Week 5

    SMÖRGÅSBORD is the Corpus Playroom's own eclectic bi-annual showcase of new student-written theatre.

    For over a decade, this evening has been a rite of passage for emerging student playwrights in Cambridge, and it’s the event at the heart of the Corpus playroom’s calendar.

    We particularly seek to give a spotlight to those who haven’t previously had their work audienced, and to anyone who feels that they have an underrepresented narrative or cultural lineage to bring to the fore.

    Come and sample a platter of the most exciting new theater in town!

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    Shipping forecast announcer (Somniosus)
    Copepod Parasite (Somniosus)
    Greenland Shark (Somniosus)
    Jonie (Jonie's Birthday)
    Laurie (Jonie's Birthday)
    A (Game Brain)
    B (Game Brain)
    Pebble (Starfish)
    Starfish (Starfish)
    Morgan (Sex! - now with women.)
    Jamie (Sex! - now with women.)
    Samantha (Sex! - now with women.)
    Peter (Sex! - now with women.)
    Old Child

    Production Team

    Nucelus of the Smorganism –
    Head Producer –
    Writer: Game Brain –
    Writer/Director: Descalçado –
    Writer: Starfish –
    Writer/Director: Jonie's Birthday –
    Writer: Somniosus –
    Writer/Director: Sex! (now with women) –
    Director: Somniosus –
    Director: Game Brain –
    Director: Starfish –
    Welfare Representative –
    Selection Committee –
    Selection Committee – ,
    Lighting Designer
    Stage Manager
    Graphic Designer –
    Sound Designer