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  • Life Before the Line @ Edinburgh Fringe – Allister

    11:15, Mon 15th – Sat 27th August 2022 at theSpace @ Venue 45 - Edinburgh Fringe

    Jewish teenagers Esty, Allister, Danny and Sara are sitting in a revision session about to take their GCSEs when the terrorist alarm rings. And this time it might not be a drill. Trapped in their RS…

  • Heroes @ Edinburgh Fringe – Sol

    12:00, Mon 15th – Sat 27th August 2022 at The Space

    Chakira Alin's double award (Mustapha Matura and Marlowe 'Other Prize') winning show is going to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival!

    You can’t be what you can’t see. Teetering on the edge of manhood, 18 year…


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