The Normal Heart
    By Larry Kramer

    19:45, Tue 30th January – Sat 3rd February 2024 at ADC Theatre
    Lent Week 2

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    death and/or dying, blood, homophobia

    "Don't you remember how it was? Can't you see how important it is for us to love openly, without hiding and without guilt?"

    Meet Ned Weeks, an impassioned activist battling indifference and discrimination surrounding a mysterious disease that threatens to consume everything he knows. In the midst of heartbreak and societal apathy, Ned and his contemporaries grapple with the profound importance of love, community, and hope in the face of a devastating pandemic.

    The Normal Heart by Larry Kramer, first performed in 1985, is a searing and emotionally charged drama that is breathed life from the experiences of activist-giant Kramer himself. This vivid exploration confronts the early days of the AIDS crisis, spanning the years 1981 to 1984—the heartbeat of an era.

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    Ned Weeks
    Felix Turner
    Dr Emma Brookner
    Bruce Niles
    Ben Weeks
    Tommy Boatwright
    Mickey Marcus
    Craig/Examining Doctor
    Orderly 1/Hiram
    Orderly 2

    Production Team

    Assistant Director
    Associate Director – ,
    Lighting Designer
    AP/Welfare Rep –
    Assistant Producer
    Stage Manager
    Deputy Stage Manager
    Assistant Stage Manager
    Technical Director
    Sound Designer
    Set Designer
    Publicity Designer
    Costume Designer ,
    Photographer ,