Trinity Hall Arts Festival and present...

    A Little Night Music
    By Hugh Wheeler and Stephen Sondheim

    19:00, Sun 26th – Tue 28th February 2023 at Trinity Hall Lecture Theatre
    Lent Week 6

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    Sexism, age-gap in relationship, infidelity, attempted suicide

    Stephen Sondheim and Hugh Wheeler’s A Little Night Music (based on Ingmar Bergman's Smiles on a Summer Night) is a passionate story of intertwined love affairs, regret and longing centred on the renowned actress Desirée Armfeldt, and her family and flirtations.

    When Desirée performs in the town of her former lover, old passions rekindle and during a weekend in the country, the entangled romances of four couples are laid bare with excruciating awkwardness. With the magic of music on a moonless summer’s night, love’s joys and complications play out in triple time.

    Filled with beautiful iconic numbers including Send in the Clowns and Every Day a Little Death, this award-winning romantic musical by one of musical theatre’s all-time greats will be performed in the Lecture Theatre at Trinity Hall Central Site.

    Funding for this performance is generously provided by the Trinity Hall Arts Festival and the Lady Margaret Players.


    Fredrik Egerman
    Anne Egerman
    Henrik Egerman
    Mr. Lindquist/Frid
    Mrs. Nordstrom
    Countess Charlotte Malcolm/Mrs. Anderssen
    Mrs. Segstrom
    Madame Armfeldt
    Desirée Armfeldt
    Fredrika Armfeldt
    Count Carl-Magnus Malcolm/ Mr. Erlanson
    Page (Manager)
    Page Understudy
    Page Understudy Understudy


    Piano –
    Piano/Celesta –
    Piccolo/Flute –
    Clarinet –
    Oboe/Cor Anglais –
    Bassoon –
    Horn –
    Trumpet –
    Violin –
    Cello –
    Violin –
    Harp –

    Production Team

    Musical Director
    Technical Director
    Assistant Director ,
    Assistant Musical Director ,
    Co-Producer ,
    Welfare Officer –
    Publicity Designer
    Costume Designer
    Stage Manager (26th) –
    The Muscle/Jaded Lighting Vet who reluctantly comes out of Retirement for One Last Job –
    Stage Manager - Not a Nanny (doesn’t have the talent) –
    Head Cake Baker –
    Sun Protection Coordinator –
    Bestower of Cello –
    Stage Manager (27th) –
    Set Designer
    Stage Manager (28th) –
    Lighting Designer
    Boxer Boy –