CUMTS x Big Band Roulette: All That Jazz

23:00, Fri 14th June 2024 at ADC Theatre
Easter Week 7

Step into the dazzling world of musical theatre for an exhilarating night of big band music...and all that jazz!

Big Band Roulette is the big band, with the big twist. Every performance has a brand new setlist, randomly selected musicians, and only one day to rehearse. With a talented pool of musicians composed of Cambridge's premier student jazz talent, you'll be sure to feel that "fascinating rhythm".

We are thrilled to be joined by Cambridge University's esteemed Musical Theatre Society to bring you an evening of theatrical showstoppers, all arranged for our colossal 26-piece jazz band. From classic broadway hits to jazz re-imaginings of modern favourites, there is something for everyone to tap their feet to. Featuring multiple original arrangements, numerous vocal features and epic instrumental medleys, this will be a truly unforgettable (and unrepeatable!) night of music.

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Alto Sax 1 –
Also Sax 2 –
Tenor Sax 1 –
Tenor Sax 2 –
Bari Sax –
Trumpet 1 –
Trumpet 2 –
Trumpet 3 –
Trumpet 4 –
Trumpet 5 –
Trombone 1 –
Trombone 2 –
Trombone 3 –
Trombone 4 –
Guitar –
Piano –
Bass –
Drums –
Percussion –
Violin 1 – ,
Violin 2 – ,
Rehearsal Pianist –

Production Team

Stage Manager
Deputy Stage Manager
Sound Designer
Assistant Sound Designer
Lighting Designer
Followspot Operator –
Mic Runner –
Technical Director