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The Man Who Wouldn't Be Murdered – Benny Green

20:30, Tue 16th – Sat 20th August 2022 at The Lion & Unicorn, Camden Fringe

We're back, and we're going to the Camden Fringe!

It’s 1932, prohibition has swept New York, and Tony Morino owns a small underground speakeasy in the Bronx, selling bathtub gin so steeped in ethanol it could easily kill you. Business is terrible, so along with three friends, he hatches a plan – take out life insurance on the drunken, good-for-nothing new employee at his bar, Michael Malloy. The crew successfully take out $68,000 of insurance on Malloy’s life, and the three get to work on murdering their target, with freedom from financial worry surely around the corner. However, it seems some people are far more difficult to kill than others…
The Man Who Wouldn’t Be Murdered is a new comedy musical full of murder, jazz and drink, based on the true story of Michael Malloy and his infamous life, and death.


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  • A New Brain – Minister

    19:00, Tue 11th – Sat 15th October 2022 at Corpus Playroom

    A New Brain is a musical about making the most out of life in the face of tragedy. When a neurotic, frustrated composer is confronted with a terminal illness, he finds comfort in the healing power of…

  • CUADC/Footlights Pantomime 2022: Treasure Island – Musical Director

    19:45, Wed 23rd – Sat 26th November 2022 at ADC Theatre

    In the midst of woeful underfunding and ridicule from local private school St Perfectton’s Prep, join the students and teachers of Grove Park Secondary as a mysterious pirate offers them the geography…


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