By Katrina Rose

    19:30, Wed 23rd – Sat 26th February 2022 at Robinson College Auditorium
    Lent Week 5

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    bullying, discrimination, abusive caregiving relationship, death

    What does it mean to trust yourself and those around you?

    Arel is a powerful sorcerer gifted with the magic of the forest. When sent away from her home for her own safety, she is met by a party of outcasts - a wizard, a rogue, a bard and a healer - seeking to take down a tyrannous force in the community. As each member of the party grapples with their own identity and place in the world, Arel learns that the life she always longed for may have never even existed.

    Splinters is a fantasy musical inspired by the stories and lives we pretend to live that make us feel like we belong. It is my love letter to the roleplaying fantasy game dungeons & dragons and all the magic that goes along with it.

    ID: The show poster. The title 'Splinters' is written in green capital letters at the top. The 'T' is a branch of a tree. Below the title is a line drawing of trees shaded in different greens. Dotted around are mushrooms, a d4, a d12 and a gem, and on some of the trees there are images of alchemical symbols. Below the image is the text 'A Fantasy Musical by Katrina Rose', the Brickhouse logo and the dates and times of the show. Poster designed by Ayesha Murphy Jallali


    Bard Cage Statue


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