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Living with Sin (Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2022) – Graphic Design

12:00, Fri 5th – Mon 29th August 2022 at theSpace (Edinburgh, Scotland)

When her grandmother dies, Cece spirals into a quarter-life crisis. Lost, lonely, and looking for purpose, she finds support from some unexpected house guests: the Seven 'Deadly' Sins.

As Cece goes on a journey of self-discovery, she begins to question if living with sin is not so deadly after all...

From the company that brought you SIX comes a new musical seducing us all to try a little sin.

Space Mystery: A Mystery in Space @ Edinburgh Fringe – Jessica Fax

22:45, Fri 5th – Sat 27th August 2022 at theSpace @ Surgeon's Hall

Disaster strikes aboard the S.S. Space Cruise at the murder of intergalactic mobster Dead Pan!

Thrust on a madcap adventure of illegal crime, amorous romance, and deathly death, walking cliché DCI John Wood and over-eager Officer Love Interest must interrogate a motley ensemble to crack the case: mob boss Mr Fax, his femme fatale daughter Jessica, wizened war criminal Brookes, no-nonsense Captain, and two escaped bandits who may have wandered into the wrong script. But which of them is a cold-blooded killer?

A straight-talking farce from Cambridge comedians, Space Mystery: A Mystery in Space is set to be one of Edinburgh's comedy highlights – don't miss out!


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