By Patrick Marber

    19:30, Tue 12th – Thu 14th March 2024 at Queens’ College, Fitzpatrick Hall
    Lent Week 8

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    Intimacy, toxic relationships, physical assault

    Brought to you by 'BATS - The Company', Patrick Marber's 'Closer' is a beautiful four-hander, which at its heart, asks us why, who and at what cost we can love.

    ‘I’m grateful to her. She changed my life. She’s completely lovable and completely unleavable.’

    Set in the blaring, woven streets of London, Closer follows the lives of four individuals, as their desires intersect, run in parallel, and ultimately annihilate one another. Closer makes us question, what is desire? What is jealousy? Where do we draw the boundaries between need and want, between cruelty and honesty.

    ‘It’s the only way to leave: ‘I don’t love you anymore, good-bye.’

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