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The Bacchae
By Euripides, translated by David Greig

19:00, Fri 16th – Sat 17th June 2023 at Jesus College (Frankopan Hall)
Easter Week 7

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Depictions of violence, death, gore
cults/religious fanaticism
mentions of sexual content

I’ve always been careful with gods. I praise them. Sing hymns to them. Pay them full attention. Because if you don’t…well, it doesn’t bear thinking about.

A charismatic preacher arrives in the city of Thebes, accompanied by his frenzied followers. He offers the citizens a choice: acknowledge him as a god, or face punishment beyond comprehension. Reimagined in the mid-20th century American South, The Bacchae is a chilling and darkly humorous play that prompts difficult questions on what it means to believe, to submit, and to resist.

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