Queen Anne
    By Helen Edmundson

    19:45, Tue 12th October 2021 - Sat 16th October 2021 at ADC Theatre
    Michaelmas Week 1

    Anne is on the brink of becoming queen and the country is in the midst of war and a succession crisis after the death of her children. She is criticised, doubted and satirised by all. She battles to overcome the subservient role she has assumed her whole life and become the queen England needs. She is pushed and pulled by court factions, political parties and most devastatingly by her closest friend, Sarah Churchill, with whom she has long been infatuated. As their relationship turns sour Sarah resents the queen’s incompetence in comparison with her own brilliance and will stop at nothing to prove herself the most powerful woman at court and avenge herself on her former lover.

    Queen Anne takes the male dominated genre of the history play and places women at its centre, portraying fierce friendship, sexuality, jealousy, war, politics and betrayal through the eyes and inner lives of women.

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