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  • Cymbeline: The Musical - Lighting Designer

    23:00, Wed 26th February 2020 - Sat 29th February 2020 at ADC Theatre

    An upbeat, mischievous, musical take on Shakespeare's oddest play. Immerse yourself in this quirky tale of love and envy, as separated lovers Imogen and Posthumus face down the misdeeds and machinatio…

  • Blue Stockings - Lighting Designer

    19:00, Tue 3rd March 2020 - Sat 7th March 2020 at Pembroke New Cellars

    1896. Girton College, Cambridge, the first college in Britain to admit women. The Girton girls study ferociously and match their male peers grade for grade. Yet, when the men graduate, the women leave…

  • Guys and Dolls - CLX

    19:45, Wed 11th March 2020 - Sat 14th March 2020 at ADC Theatre
    14:30, Sat 14th March 2020 at ADC Theatre
    19:45, Mon 16th March 2020 - Sat 21st March 2020 at ADC Theatre
    14:30, Thu 19th March 2020 at ADC Theatre
    14:30, Sat 21st March 2020 at ADC Theatre

    Hailed as the perfect musical comedy, Guys and Dolls transports us to 1950’s New York, a world of gamblers, gangsters and nightclub singers, and missionaries. A tale about finding love in all the wron…

  • Training Wheels - Lighting Designer

    23:00, Wed 6th May 2020 - Sat 9th May 2020 at ADC Theatre

    Join the next generation of Cambridge comedians as we make you relive all the awkward moments of your first terms at Cambridge; from the first Freshers’ mingle to embarrassing yourself while drunk to …

  • CAST 2020: The Taming of the Shrew - Technician

    19:30, Tue 1st September 2020 - Thu 1st October 2020 Venue to be confirmed

    **Welcome to Sly’s, the most popular bar in Padua!** Bookish newcomer Lucentia and local Hortensia are both taken with the handsome bartender Bianco. The only hitch: his mother Baptista won’t let h…

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