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    In Denial
    By Cian Morey

    20:00, Wed 10th March 2021 at YouTube
    21:00, Sun 14th March 2021 at CamFM
    Lent Week 7 to Week 8

    "I have seen many Ministers say rather a lot, but rather badly; I have seen many more Ministers say very little, but very well; but I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone say so little so badly as you just did."

    In the near future, PR hell breaks loose in Whitehall when Graham Barnett MP, newly-appointed Minister for Climate Change, accidentally denies the existence of global warming on his first day in office. Meanwhile the UK reels from the impact of the recently-suppressed pandemic, and all eyes are on the looming publication of an inquiry report into the Government’s less-than-flawless handling of the crisis. Over the course of one chaotic morning, jobs are jeopardised, bucks are passed, and Graham just can’t seem to get his coffee.

    In Denial is a new student-written satire of last-ditch political posturing gone terribly wrong, but in its own terribly funny way.


    Rt. Hon. Graham Barnett MP
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