The Children
    By Lucy Kirkwood

    19:00, Tue 22nd – Sat 26th February 2022 at Corpus Playroom
    Lent Week 5

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    Climate Breakdown, Aging, Reference to Death

    A summer evening. Hazel and Robin are two retired nuclear engineers, living in a remote cottage on the coast. They live in the shadow of a recent meltdown at the plant where they used to work: a disaster responsible for the devastation of the local landscape.

    But their ambling life is interrupted by the arrival of Rose: a former colleague, unseen for 38 years. Rose has come with a plan to compensate for the mistakes that led to catastrophe. But it is an unpopular one: it is a plan that threatens to completely shatter the comfort of Hazel and Robin's previously peaceful retirement.

    Lucy Kirkwood’s drama plays out hugely far-reaching contemporary generational tensions within the contained sphere of the claustrophobic domestic space. It is a play that offers us a terrifying glimpse into a hypothetical future of environmental collapse: one in which interpersonal relationships are left just as precarious as the natural landscape that surrounds them.



    Production Team

    Assistant Director
    Movement Director –
    Sound Designer
    Set Designer
    Assistant Producer
    Costume Designer
    Lighting Designer