TAWUSAN: Read-through
    By Anna Trowby

    18:00, Fri 10th July 2020 at Online Venue
    Summer Vacation

    TAWUSAN is a show about a group of indigenous Buryat Mongolians and the ways in which they are impacted by the Cultural Revolution in Inner Mongolia. Based loosely on the true story of the writer's family, TAWUSAN traces the impacts of the revolution and colonialism on these individuals and how it impacts them as they enter the new millennium. TAWUSAN is a visceral, vibrant and violent exploration of what it means to be part of such a vilified community that continues to be deprived of their rights and dignity. This idea is particularly pertinent to the writer's own experience, considering that she only recently discovered how rooted her family history is in violence and bloodshed.
    A read through will be performed in June on a virtual platform to test out how people respond to the intensity of the play's themes, whether the audience understands the complex and specific historical contexts informing the script, and whether this kind of play can be performed in the first place.


    Oktai/Altan -
    Boraqchin -
    Christopher -
    Timujen -
    Tsetseg -
    Red Guard #3/Red Guard #4 -
    Elma/Red Guard #2 -
    Ganbataar/ grave digger #1 -
    Muren/Doctor/Red Guard #1/border security guard -
    Cheligan/grave digger #2 -
    Bolormaa -
    Naran/red guard #5 -
    Bataar -

    Production Team

    Writer -
    Producer -
    Publicity Designer -
    Script Consultant -
    Director -
    Assistant Director - ,
    Film editor -
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