Cymbeline: The Musical
    By Joe Venable

    23:00, Wed 26th February 2020 - Sat 29th February 2020 at ADC Theatre
    Lent Week 6

    An upbeat, mischievous, musical take on Shakespeare's oddest play. Immerse yourself in this quirky tale of love and envy, as separated lovers Imogen and Posthumus face down the misdeeds and machinations of the Queen, Cloten and the evil Jachimo, one of Shakespeare's finest villains. The brilliance of the Bard and the magic of musical theatre collide for a strange, absorbing, fantastical experience.

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    Imogen -
    King Cymbeline -
    Jachimo -
    Posthumus -
    Queen -
    Chemist/Ensemble -
    Cloten -
    Ensemble -
    Philario/Ensemble -
    Pisania -

    Production Team

    Musical Director -
    Assistant Director - ,
    Writer/Director -
    Set Designer -
    Sound Designer -
    Publicity Designer -
    Technical Director -
    Lighting Designer -
    Deputy Stage Manager -
    Stage Manager -
    Costume Designer -
    Choreographer -
    Makeup Artist -
    Deputy Sound Designer -
    Absolutely Amazing Human (for helping Ella with an overnight job!) -
    Dress Rehearsal Photography -