Bricks and Mortality
By Jonathan Powell

21:30, Tue 12th October 2021 - Sat 16th October 2021 at Corpus Playroom
Michaelmas Week 1

Gerald Nest, kleptomaniac and erstwhile owner of the inimitable Historical Hotel. You haven’t heard of it? I don’t blame you. Nobody has.

Today it lies in wrack and ruin, a burning woman stalks its halls, and an endless war is waging over the mountains of memorabilia. As clearance officer Martha crosses the threshold, extinct birds whirling overhead, she becomes the first guest in over thirty years.

But in Gerald's shifting kingdom, walls have ears, and as Martha tries desperately to trim the family tree, she learns what happens when the roots fight back…

From the writer of The Man in the Air Balloon and The Backwards People comes Bricks and Mortality, a brand-new, surrealist play about loss, legacy, impossible decisions, and a world teetering on the brink of destruction.

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