Maria Telnikoff


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  • The Backwards People - Child

    20:00, Wed 3rd February 2021 at ADC Online

    Meet the Backwards People, a post-apocalyptic society founded to rewind the clock.

    Their mission? To absorb the entire history of the world and rebuild it from the ashes. A tall order, given there’s…

  • Such Entanglements and Carnage - Movement Director

    23:00, Wed 3rd February 2021 - Sat 6th February 2021 at ADC Theatre

    It’s 1935. Alma Martyr, a lovable English professor, and her secret gardener fiancé Castor are preparing for a romantic weekend getaway at her parents' woodland cabin. However, a mix-up with dates leads…

  • A Blown Job - Casey Flek

    23:00, Wed 24th February 2021 - Sat 27th February 2021 at ADC Theatre

    Disgraced bank manager, George Gloomy, assembles a team of bank robbers to get revenge on his partner who framed him and cost him his job, the nefarious Police Chief Garfunkel. George’s quest to best…


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