Flowers for Katy (Short Film)
    By Chakira Alin

    00:00, Mon 5th – Tue 20th July 2021 Venue to be confirmed
    Summer Vacation

    Six months on from the death of his mother, introverted Sam has retreated even more into his shell. He is depressed and achingly lonely, with only his psychiatrist for company. But that all changes when he meets Katy, a bright and bubbly girl who turns his bleak world upside down. Things begin to look up for him as Katy imbues his life with colour. It seems almost too good to be true. And it is. One fateful day, the illusion is shattered, and Sam has to learn that people can’t be so easily replaced, and the void so easily filled.

    A student written film, Flowers for Katy is an exploration of grief, loneliness and the male gaze.



    Production Team

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    1st Assistant director –
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    Director of Photography –
    2nd Assistant Camera –
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    Composer + Sound Designer –
    Production Designer –
    Stills Photographer –
    Associate Director + Script Supervisor –
    Costume Designer
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