Zeb Goriely

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Zeb Goriely is preparing for

  • Flowers for Katy (Short Film) - Director of Photography

    00:00, Mon 5th July 2021 - Tue 20th July 2021 Venue to be confirmed

    Six months on from the death of his mother, introverted Sam has retreated even more into his shell. He is depressed and achingly lonely, with only his psychiatrist for company. But that all changes when…

  • Build a Rocket - Publicity photographer/videographer

    19:30, Mon 19th July 2021 - Thu 22nd July 2021 at Town and Gown Theatre

    Name: Yasmin
    Size: None of your f%$ing business
    Special ability: Being. Hard. As

    Yasmin, a bright sixteen year old from Scarborough, falls pregnant. Abandoned by those she loves, she faces one of life's…


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