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CAST 2020: The Taming of the Shrew - Publicist

19:30, Tue 1st September 2020 - Thu 1st October 2020 Venue to be confirmed

Welcome to Sly’s, the most popular bar in Padua!

Bookish newcomer Lucentia and local Hortensia are both taken with the handsome bartender Bianco. The only hitch: his mother Baptista won’t let him settle down until his surly older brother Kit finds a partner. While Lucentia hatches a plan of subterfuge and disguise, Hortensia enlists the help of the arrogant Petruchia to woo Kit and leave his brother free to marry.

With both plots set in motion, grab a drink at Sly’s and watch the bar’s raucous patrons navigate a tricky journey towards love and self-realisation: maybe opposites really do attract after all.

Founded in the year 2000, CAST tours the East Coast of the USA and the Cayman Islands with a Shakespeare play for the month of September after rehearsing in Cambridge during August.

We visit numerous schools, universities and professional theatres across the USA, also providing educational workshops to help students with their understanding of Shakespearean English, acting technique and stage craft.

Fresh2Film Festival - Festival Producer

17:00, Sat 19th September 2020 - Thu 15th October 2020 Venue to be confirmed

The Fresh2Film Festival!

Interested in films? Interested in cinematography, editing, directing, producing, costume, lights, props, sound recording or screenwriting? Interested in meeting new people? Well then Fresh2Film is perfect for you!

If you are someone who loves film but has never had the chance to be involved in filmmaking before, then CUFA wants you to get involved in this year's Fresh2Film Festival. In small groups, you'll get the chance to put together a short film that will be screened at the end of term at Cambridge shorts! Through our application form (coming out soon) you'll get to apply on your own or with some friends and get placed into a group with other like-minded prospective filmmakers just as excited to make a film as you are!

As you work on your film, you'll also get to attend our free Fresh2Film workshops where we'll introduce you to each stage of production, from screenwriting to sound design! Still not sure if this is all too good to be true? Come along to our introductory session on October 14th at 5pm to find out more (see the CUFA facebook page for more details).


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