SandCastle Theatre Company presents...

    Build a Rocket
    By Christopher York

    19:30, Mon 19th – Thu 22nd July 2021 at Town and Gown Theatre
    Summer Vacation

    Name: Yasmin
    Size: None of your f%$ing business
    Special ability: Being. Hard. As

    Yasmin, a bright sixteen year old from Scarborough, falls pregnant. Abandoned by those she loves, she faces one of life's great challenges completely alone.

    But, unbeknowest to her, Yasmin has a super power.
    Not flight or invisibility, but resilience and wit.
    And somehow, the thing that threatens to ruin her life might actually turn out to be the thing that saves her.

    fuelled by heart, soul and ultimately love, Build a rocket is a powerful one woman depiction of surpassing society's expectations and finding strength in the face of adversity.

    It takes a lot of PVA glue, newspaper, shoeboxes, and a lot of patience, and then you can build a rocket



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