Women, Power and Politics
    By Joy Wilkinson, Sam Holcroft, Marie Jones

    21:30, Tue 6th – Wed 7th November 2018 at Pembroke New Cellars
    Michaelmas Week 5

    "You understand that pornography-your pornography-is now the Great British sex education?"

    How do you infiltrate the patriarchy? Through campaigns and activism? Playing the system? Or monetizing female sexuality? Women, Power and Politics presents a trio of cutting, insightful and darkly humorous plays that explore the dynamics of gender and authority. From united suffragettes to an MP struggling to be more than just one of 'Blair's Babes' the collection challenges who is liberated and just how far this emancipation goes. These three elegant and separate stories chronicle the development of British politics and questions its future showcasing love, friendship and bitter rivalry between those who take on the system....


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