Jozie Meldrum

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Womberang - Director

19:00, Tue 19th February 2019 - Sat 23rd February 2019 at Pembroke New Cellars

"Well, in this age of medical technology, an old age pensioner is peeing into a Coca-Cola bottle using a Beano comic as a funnel."

The tense silence of a gynaecologist's waiting room is shattered as Rita waltzes in and starts solving everyone's problems. Her brash, funny, pragmatic, out-spoken, but ultimately brilliant advice takes charge in a whirlwind of noise and colour. Gin will be drunk, patient files read and complaints lodged...

Book your appointment with Dr Riley and step into 1979; this immersive theatre piece will transform New Cellars into a waiting room full of people... and their uteri.

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