By Katrina Rose and Nathaniel Wright

    23:00, Wed 13th – Sat 16th October 2021 at ADC Theatre
    Michaelmas Week 1

    All it takes is Mike spilling a drink on Jaz at a party, and bang, a few months later they’re sharing a flat filled with supernatural toast and arranging Christmas dinner together – it’s domesticity on warp speed really. But, all good, healthy friendships require communication, and Jaz and Mike are not too great at the whole ‘talking about their feelings’ thing – which is fine until it isn’t really fine at all. A charmingly chaotic mix of comedy, tension, and drama ensues as we take a bittersweet look at two young adults trying to navigate an increasingly complex friendship. One that could be simplified relatively easily if Jaz befriended the internet when it comes to disability rather than placing the onus on Mike to explain All The Time.

    Written by a creative team with first-person experience of the type of physical disability represented in the show, Attrition pulls you into the intricacies of trying to adult when it feels like the world, and worse, your friend can't see you for you.

    [Image description: an illustration of a piece of toast with a bite taken out of the top right-hand corner, in the centre of the toast is the word ‘attrition’ written in dark brown.]


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