Rishi Sharma

CUADC Directors' Rep 2022-2023:


Rishi Sharma is preparing for

  • BME Shakespeare: Twelfth Night – Production Manager

    19:45, Tue 28th February – Sat 4th March 2023 at ADC Theatre

    When twins Sebastian and Viola are separated in a shipwreck but equally unaware of the other’s survival, a comedic sequence of events follow. Viola disguises herself as a young man, leading to a series…

  • La Voix Humaine – Associate Director

    21:30, Tue 7th March 2023 at Corpus Playroom

    “Je t’aime…Je t’aime…Je t’aime…”

    One woman, One telephone. In the middle of her room, a young woman awakes next to her telephone, waiting for a call from her ex-lover. After many wrong numbers, he final…

  • Garry Bonds' Balanced Breakfasts: FRINGE RUN! 🍳 – Writer

    12:00, Fri 4th – Mon 28th August 2023 Venue to be confirmed

    “What if I said you could go back in time. For just one hour. And change the course of your life, forever...”

    Mild-mannered Ned Burger is 57 years old, happily married and running a sandwich shop in…


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