By Ira Hauptman

    19:00, Tue 1st – Sat 5th February 2022 at Corpus Playroom
    Lent Week 2

    Content warning (may contain spoilers) Click to expandClick to close
    - detailed discussion of attempted suicide
    - depiction of terminal illness
    - discussion of death and dying
    - discussion of war
    - detailed discussion of disordered eating

    "I have to form myself, and to try to help you to form, some sort of reasoned estimate of the most romantic figure in the recent history of mathematics." —G. H. Hardy on S. Ramanujan, 1936

    In 1913, a young, self-taught mathematical genius in India named Srinivasa Ramanujan is invited to Cambridge to work with G. H. Hardy, a professor at Trinity college and established mathematician. Over the next five years, they worked together to produce hundreds of important results, and Ramanujan is today heralded as the greatest Indian mathematician of all time. However, their partnership is threatened by Ramanujan’s failing health as well as the two men’s vastly different cultural and religious backgrounds. At the same time, shadows of the first world war looms over the world.

    Partition is a deftly imagined, multileveled drama on faith, mathematics and a tentative friendship between two of the greatest minds in scientific history.


    Alfred Billington
    G. H. Hardy
    Srinivasa Ramanujan
    Namagiri of Namakkal
    Pierre de Fermat/Police Officer

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