William Want

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William Want is preparing for

  • Mr Burns: A Post-Electric Play – Assistant Set/Props Designer

    19:45, Tue 13th – Sat 17th June 2023 at ADC Theatre

    Following a nuclear disaster, seven survivors sit around a campfire and try to remember an episode of The Simpsons. Seven years later, they are performing it for money. For a new civilisation rising…

  • Garry Bonds' Balanced Breakfasts: FRINGE RUN! 🍳 – Co-Director

    20:50, Fri 4th – Sat 26th August 2023 at Greenside @ Nicolson Square (Lime Studio)

    “What if I said you could go back in time. For just one hour. And change the course of your life, forever...”

    Mild-mannered Ned Burger is 57 years old, happily married and running a sandwich shop in…

  • Peer Gynt: a Jazz Revival @ Edinburgh Fringe – Co-Director, Musical Director

    20:50, Fri 4th – Sun 27th August 2023 at Greenside @ Nicolson Square (Lime Studio)

    ‘Startlingly original... Enthrallingly good music’ (Varsity 2022). Experience Ibsen and Grieg like never before. In this lively and original fusion of music, drama, comedy, surrealism, and dance, Ibsen'…


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