Emily Moss


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  • Build a Rocket - Assistant Director

    21:30, Tue 6th October 2020 - Sat 10th October 2020 at Corpus Playroom

    This isn't the story of Icarus and Daedalus.
    It's Yasmin and Jack.
    And we won't fly too close to the sun.
    We'll fly through the

    Yasmin is a bright 16-year-old from the small seaside town of Scar…

  • The Man Presents: Womxn - Writer/Performer

    23:00, Tue 13th October 2020 at ADC Theatre

    We've all heard of sticking it to The Man, so it only seems right that through this series of character monologues, Cambridge's finest lady and non-binary comics will do just that, on stage, for every…

  • Training Wheels - Writer/Performer

    23:00, Wed 21st October 2020 - Sat 24th October 2020 at ADC Theatre

    Join the next generation of Cambridge comedians as we make you relive all the awkward moments of your first terms at Cambridge; from the first Freshers’ mingle to embarrassing yourself while drunk to…

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