Lost Boy
    By Emma Robinson

    19:00, Tue 15th – Wed 16th June 2021 at Corpus Playroom
    Easter Week 7

    This is a retelling of the childhood classic Peter Pan. And it is nothing like the original.

    20-years-old, jobless, fatherless, partnerless, almost friendless and definitely on the verge of some kind of meltdown, we follow a woman, who acts like a child that wants to be an adult, and who has tried and promptly failed to run away from reality, figuring out her identity, her family, and whether she can ever, actually, just manage, for a minute, to stop…and breathe.

    TW: reference to eating disorders


    Production Team

    Writer/Producer/Assistant Director –
    Lighting/sound designer –
    Set designer
    Associate director –
    Publicity designer