The Well-Beloved
    By Thomas Hardy (Adaptation by Rebekah King)

    23:00, Wed 17th – Sat 20th February 2021 at ADC Theatre
    Lent Week 4

    A sculptor’s obsession with the ‘perfect woman’ leads to a sexual fixation on three generations of the same family.

    Jocelyn Pierston has been faithful to one perfect woman all his life – is it really his fault if she won’t stay in the same body very long? She certainly wasn’t to be found in Avice, the humble, unassuming island girl who was, for a time, his sweetheart. It turned out that she wasn’t really there in Marcia either, the woman with whom Jocelyn had run away to London to be married. As the years roll by, Jocelyn ages but his Well-Beloved stays as young, as fresh, and as tantalisingly ungraspable as ever. When he hears news of Avice’s death he realises that the Well-Beloved was in her all along and rushes home, only to find that, in Avice’s young daughter, his passions are still very much alive…


    Avice/Ann/The Well-Beloved

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