Lise Delamarre


Lise Delamarre is preparing for

  • Permanent Marker - Assistant Director

    07:30, Mon 24th May 2021 at Corpus Playroom

    CN: sexual assault, rape, disassociation

    Permanent Marker is an original student-written one-person play. It is an exploration of a woman’s fragmented response to rape and the imperfection of memory.…

  • The Calligrapher @ Edinburgh Fringe - Director

    00:00, Fri 6th August 2021 - Mon 30th August 2021 Venue to be confirmed

    Locked away in Baghdad Mosque is a beautifully intricate Quran, complete with 6,000 verses of elaborate calligraphy and 600 pages of decorative motifs – a marvel in artistry that would surely be celebra…


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