The Man Presents: Womxn

    23:00, Tue 13th October 2020 at ADC Theatre
    Michaelmas Week 1

    We've all heard of sticking it to The Man, so it only seems right that through this series of character monologues, Cambridge's finest lady and non-binary comics will do just that, on stage, for every gender's viewing pleasure.

    This is the perfect showcase to portray the hilarity, strength, weirdness, wonderfulness, bravery, and all the many more things a woman/non-binary person can be. Stockings are bringing The Man Presents: Women back to its basic, initial format as all of these characters come together to stick it to their male writer, the one who ineptly branded them as what he 'thought' a woman character should be (read: quite frankly, written badly).

    With multiple womxn actually allowed on stage at once, who knows what might happen? We wager it will be something very, very funny.

    This is Good Girls, Written Bad(ly).


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